Supply water to Charmshahr-Salarieh

supply water of Charmshahr - Salarieh

According to Aerial picture of this industrial towns (side-by-side) Ab-niru consultant Engineers has been awarded the contract for water supply and sewerage system and its treatment in 1992-1995.

Preliminary and detail design of network of water supply and also sewerage network of this industrial Tannery town which needs large micro-tunnels for each branch of sewerage for monitoring and observation for officiers surveillance of each branches with several manholes for the purpose of cleaning-until main collector to sewerage treatment.

Underground water of the area was very salty wich could not be used for tannery water need. By geological survey and geophysics we searched at that region buried terminal of an important river named Jadjrood. This was a challenging problem for this underground water supply at depth of more 90m. overburden for this old buried terminal river to obtain fresh water in whole area with very salty water. Avarage needs of 170 tannery unit factory to this issue is calculated. Total water need was about 550 lit/s through several well in a closed area (well field).

The second challenging water route, was crossing the two rivers of very bad condition of sludge with 5-6m. thickness, to overcome and execution of Conveyer pipe line (10Km.) reached to this industrial towns.

Enclosed you will find the Aerial pictures of these two towns. (execution time was in 1995).

Executive status

execution time was in 1995

Construction site

Charmshahr - Salarieh


Fresh water supply