Dr Hossein Jalaly

دکتر حسین جلالی

Managing Director

He was born in Tehran in 1943.

He graduated in “Technical Faculty of Tehran University in 1966 as a Civil Engineer” (Msc.).

He got a PhD in the “Paris, Pierre & Marie Curie University” in may 1972 as a Structural Engineer.

Then he obtained his DSc. In 1976 in special structures of Civil Engineering in “Paris, Pierre & Marie Curie University”.

He was working in European convention for steel structures for design code since 1971 to 1978.

At the same time he was a scientific fellow member of “Imperial College of Science and Technology”, in department of Concrete Materials Technology from 1974 to 1978. Since 1978 he became Associate Professional civil Engineering in “Sharif University” till 1985. At the same time he was working as Consultant Engineers for “Lar Dam” and Tunnels project and other heavy structures like large bridge, rubble mound break water and marine structures.

He established Ab-Niru consultant Engineering company in 1988 as a feudatory of this firm. Since that time he worked as technical and managing director to manage various Dams and Tunnels projects at least 60 projects.

International Experience


Construction of dams and related structures engineering
Earthquake engineering
Concrete technology

Managing Director Address

Civil Engineering Field covers various branches of Engineering sciences such as : Soil Mechanics , Foundation Engineering , Strength of Materials , Hydraulics , Technology of cement and concrete , Structural Engineering , Geotechnics , Material properties , Static and dynamic structural calculation , Engineering Geology , Earthquake Engineering – Mechanics , Rock mechanics , Ground Improvement , Tunnels , Roads , Special structures , Dam Engineering Design and its Technology and others related sciences to this large field .

Those are a group of Experimental sciences which are very important to conceive it for design of all relevant structures.

Therefore mastering of those scientific experimental group need a huge time to work and research for an experimented Engineer to become a technical director.

This means working ability of “technical director” in consultant engineers is very tough and delicate to fulfill all verification of reports , drawings & technical data and results to be justified with reality and right answers to problems.

In Dam Engineering Sciences which are extensively based on the experiments for each specific area , firstly needs conceptual design in rightful manner , to be issued by very experimented engineer , otherwise good results could not be reached.

That is why the system based on “technical director management” would be rare , because of their difficulties. However the difficulty of this management by a very perseverant Engineer to comply many researches in those various field could implement this management system which leads much better result to obtain successful designs and innovations (based on the programming).

The above mentioned large experience gathered for study and design team could achieve a very important and large or complex projects.

Knowing that , the Founder of this Consultant Engineers , who had implemented many researches and experiments in Structural Engineering ; heavy structures and Concrete Technology , decided to manage the Dam Engineering projects through elaborated conceptual design then to study and to implement the computation of sub-structures and their behavior.

This sort of management for limited number of projects (say fifteen in the time of study and design) , gives fruitful results.

Due to important experiences of design and construction then to compare selected parameters for design with parameters obtained through construction and ground excavation or complementary exploration , very useful experience would be achieved.

This is the important aim to reach the skillness and to deepen his knowledge.

Accordingly this Consultant Engineers had chosen this way of giving the relevant and fruitful Engineering services , to enlarge all experimented Engineers and Experts to avoid any misleading results in the design , even in complex projects.

Dr H.Jalaly

Honors Certificate

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