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About Ab-Niru consulting engineers

Ab-Niru consulting engineers were founded in 1988 by Dr. Jalaly and some other well experienced experts. From the During this time construction of 20 large Dams and appurtenant structures was completed, but still 3 of them are under construction. The type of these dams is Earth and Rockfill dam, RCC and CFRD. In order to achieve the good of standard engineering services for each project related to the above mentioned activities, it is necessary to make a good program of job implementing by each engineer. The work shall be clarified and to operate continuous supervision and project control in the light of project optimization for completion cost and technical economic targets. The benefit of client is considered as our benefit, to construct well elaborated design in high level of quality and services.early dates, this firm engaged in a wide range of activities in various civil engineering schemes, with an emphasis on Hydropower & Dam engineering, Irrigation & Drainage, River training, Environmental Assessment, Lake Hydrodynamics and Marine Structures. General and special experiences of the founders were in dam construction, tunnels, irrigation and drainage networks, water resources planning, marine structures both on-shore, off-shore & break waters, Geotechnic, structures and Hydro-electric power plant: who offered engineering services either directly or indirectly for various projects before Ab-Niru was established. In a relatively short period of 20 years, Ab-Niru engineers studied 52 large-dams and 6 medium sizes dam (height of 27-33 m) and forwarded the required reports (900 volumes) to various clients. More than 120,000 hectares of lands for the purpose of providing irrigation and drainage network, and 600 km water conveyer route and pipeline was also studied and designed

Our Main Activities

Dam Project

  • Double-Curvature Arch Dams
  • Gravity Dams (Concrete, RCC,Bituminous core for fill dam or asphaltic concrete core of Embankement Dam and Buttress Dams)
  • Earthfill and Rockfill dams + CFRD (concrete face rockfill dam)

Irrigation and Drainage Network

  • Hydraulic schemes and water transfers
  • Water Conveyance Tunnel
  • Pipe Line System
  • Water Supply
  • Tunnels and Underground Structures

• Power Plants (hydro-electrical and thermal)

  • Power Transmission (lines, substations and control systems)
  • Sewerage Collection and Disposal Studies

Marine Structures

  • Bridge, Culvert and Retaining Walls Design
  • Water and natural risks management
  • Watercourse planning and the Environment
  • Rubble manhole break waters

Onshore and Offshore Structures


Our Main Technical Departments

Basic Studies Department

Engineering Geology
Seismo-tectonic and Seismic Hazard
Rock Mechanics and Geotechnics
Hydrology and Water Recourses

Design Studies

Dam Engineering Design (including static and dynamic numerical modelling, instrumentation and structural monitoring)
Mechanical & electrical engineering (including hydromechanics, electro-mechanics and control systems)
Structures (including Bridge, Culvert, Tunnel and Marine works)
Hydraulic Structures
Tunnel and Slope Stability Analysis
Road Design
Agriculture (including Drainage and Irrigation Networks)
Economical and financial studies
Project development
Project management

Design and engineering activities

  • Conceptual and Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary Studies and Tender Documents
  • Detailed Design
  • Supervision of Construction
  • Owners’ and Lenders’ Engineers
  • Assistance & Consulting to Contractors
  • Construction Management
  • Dam Safety Analysis

Projects development

  • Rehabilitation and Optimization
  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Analysis
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Identification and Development of General Concepts
  • Design and Commissioning Support

Our Company Grades In Different Fields

  • Dams grade 1 & 2 from P.B.O
  • Irrigation and drainage networks grade 1 & 2 from P.B.O
  • Environment grade 3 from P.B.O
  • Water and sewage facilities grade 2 from P.B.O
  • Road Construction grade 3 from P.B.O

Managing Director Address

Civil Engineering Field covers various branches of Engineering sciences such as : Soil Mechanics , Foundation Engineering , Strength of Materials , Hydraulics , Technology of cement and concrete , Structural Engineering , Geotechnics , Material properties , Static and dynamic structural calculation , Engineering Geology , Earthquake Engineering – Mechanics , Rock mechanics , Ground Improvement , Tunnels , Roads , Special structures , Dam Engineering Design and its Technology and others related sciences to this large field .Those are a group of Experimental sciences which are very important to conceive it for design of all relevant structures

Dr H.Jalaly
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