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Civil Engineering Field covers various branches of Engineering sciences such as : Soil Mechanics , Foundation Engineering , Strength of Materials , Hydraulics , Technology of cement and concrete , Structural Engineering , Geotechnics , Material properties , Static and dynamic structural calculation , Engineering Geology , Earthquake Engineering – Mechanics , Rock mechanics , Ground Improvement , Tunnels , Roads , Special structures , Dam Engineering Design and its Technology and others related sciences to this large field .Those are a group of Experimental sciences which are very important to conceive it for design of all relevant structures

Dr H.Jalaly
شرکت آب نیرو

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Ab-Niru consulting engineers were founded in 1988 by Dr. Jalaly and some other well experienced experts. From the early dates, this firm engaged in a wide range of activities in various civil engineering schemes, with an emphasis on Hydropower & Dam engineering, Irrigation & Drainage, River training, Environmental  Assessment, Lake  Hydrodynamics and Marine Structures

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Glevard dam project

Glevard is one of the latest projects built by Ab-Niru Company, Gelvard Dam project has been started with the participation of Oviol Company since 2009 and is currently being completed in 2020 and is ready for initial operation

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